Working within the circular economy framework often means different go-to-market strategies compare to conventional go-to-market strategies. 


Your go-to-market strategy brings together all of the key elements that drive your business: sales, marketing, distribution, pricing, brand development, competitive analysis, and customer insights. The FOOTPRINT Hub doesn't have the universal go-to-market strategy, but we provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to design and execute your unique Go-To-Market strategy.



Circular economy must apply to your business model in such extent that circular economy is the driver of your business. This requirement is indispensable.


This means that the main driver of your business model will apply to the principles of circular economy.



A clear action plan that outlines goals, milestones, development phases, resources needed and consumed, risks and success indicators for your business is necessary and show us your ambitions and how we can help you.


Don't waste time on a business plan. Write an actionable game plan of the action you need to take in order to get the desired outcome that lead you to the goal. This is a help to you and to us.



Your success depends on the team. It is very important that you build up a strong team, covering all the essential skills needed.


Within the FOOTPRINT hub program we test to what extent your team have the necessary skills, which skills you might need and help you find them.



In order for be part of our community and the FOOTPRINT hub it is essential that you apply and align yourself with our principles. Our principles encompass our beliefs and guide our self, our community and members of the FOOTPRINT hub irrespective of changes in goals, strategies or type of work.


This means that all our start-ups align their business strategies to be consistent with and contribute to circular economy including people, planet, purpose and profit in this order. Continuously increase a positive impact and reduce the negative impact on people and the environment resulting from activities, products and services.