Working within the circular economy framework often means different go-to-market strategies compare to conventional go-to-market strategies.

The FOOTPRINT Hub doesn’t have the universal go-to-market strategy, but we provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to design and execute your unique Go-To-Market strategy.

We help you to enhance the outcome of your product-market fit, defining and validate your customer persona (both the end-user and decision-maker), position yourself in the competition landscape, outline the potential channels and touchpoint for the distribution of product and services.

Some of the things you are able to uncover includes:

  • Value props: What makes you different from the competition? Why would someone choose to buy you over what’s already available? For example, you integrate with more tools they already use, or you have a mobile version.

  • Positioning: Where does your product fit in the market? How do you want people to view you in relation to other products out there? (i.e. you’re a “luxury AirBnB” or “a more affordable and powerful version of Slack”)

  • Messaging: How do you talk about the value you create? Don’t get overwhelmed here. It’s enough to just pick 3 pain points you solve for users or benefits you provide.

  • Sales and support materials: What is necessary to support and sell the product? What resources, tools, and support do you need?

  • Customer journey: How many stages are there in your customer’s buying journey and what are the behaviors they take before and after purchasing? How much should people already know about you when they engage with the product?

  • Personas: Who uses your product? What are their specific characteristics and behaviors? Try to narrow this down to 1 or 2 user personas and get specific.

  • Use Cases: How will those people use the product? How can you help them imagine a life that’s better because they’re a customer of yours?


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