We live in the most crucial century in the history of mankind. During the 21st century, in the lives of you and your children and grandchildren, we must find ways of living that respect the planet’s boundaries and create quality of life for all world citizens.

If this don’t make sense to you – there is absolutely no reason to continuing reading this tekst.

In order for be part of our community and the FOOTPRINT hub it is essential that you apply and align yourself with our principles. Our principles encompass our beliefs and guide our self, our community and members of the FOOTPRINT hub irrespective of changes in goals, strategies or type of work.

This means that all our start-ups align their business strategies to be consistent with and contribute to circular economy including people, planet, purpose and profit in this order. Continuously increase a positive impact and reduce the negative impact on people and the environment resulting from activities, products and services.

It is our belief that these principles ensure that you and the rest of our community benefit greatly from the community and the goals we each have, and make it easier to contribute to our overall goal of helping more than 1.000 circular economy startups, ready to scale up by December 2025 and our vision of become what Silicon Valley is to high-tech start-up,  to circular economy start-ups.

The FOOTPRINT hub is “In the Community, By the Community and For the Community.” Being “in the community” means different things to different people. For some, it may simply mean taking up residence in a specific area. For us at The FOOTPRINT hub it means taking a hands-on approach, digging in and getting involved, in real, tangible ways.

Our commitment to be in the community was perhaps never more important than it is today.

All news reminds us of our commitment to be in the community. It’s our commitment and our duty to take an active role in supporting our community, and we strive to do that every day.

You become a front runner when you become part of The FOOTPRINT hub.


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