Are you looking for like-minded people?
At The Footprint Hub we are speeding up the transition away from take-make-dispose linear economy that are exploiting the planet, towards a circular economy, based on giving back.

To be part of our community you need to fulfil the following criteria:


Circular economy must apply to your business model in such extent that circular economy is the driver of your business. This requirement is indispensable.


A clear action plan that outlines goals, milestones, development phases, resources needed and consumed, risks and success indicators for your business is necessary and show us your ambitions and how we can help you.


Our start-ups rather go for the A-team and B-product than the B-team and A-product. Your success depends on the team. Do your team have what it takes, are you “gritty” enough to “Go All The Way”. This is a necessary condition to become part of our hub.


Alignment and impact: Align business strategies to be consistent with and contribute to circular economy incl. people, planet, purpose and profit in this order. Continuously increase a positive impact and reduce the negative impact on people and the environment resulting from activities, products and services.



Access to various services

Workspace (soon)

Tools and knowledge




What Silicon Valley is for high-tech start-ups, we will be for circular economy start-ups - We create, connect and care!

Together we can solve the challenges we are facing, and we need to work together. Together we must speed up the transition away from take-make-dispose linear production exploiting the planet, towards business models that allow goods to be designed and produced for extended use, disassembly, reuse and recycling from the outset. 

By definition entrepreneurs are the ones who change the world and most of them with a positive impact, driven by a sustainable purpose! And we know lots of entrepreneurs in start-ups and corporations want to apply a circular economy business model, but need inspiration and help.

Entrepreneurs spend to much time on everything else in their start-ups than product development and customer traction. This is why we need to nurture and facilitate them with:

    • Financial instruments

    • Coaching, knowledge and tools

    • Network 

That’s why we set out to create this thriving innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures and generations to solve the challenges we are facing.

Basic services


Our job is to make sure your start-up nails it and you begin to scale it. To do this you basically need three thing:

A network (of customers, experts, investors)

Access to financial instruments (cash, advices, management etc.)

Knowledge and tools (helping you to by-pass obstacles)



Connections is build on network

  • Speed networking

  • Learning activities

  • Investors

  • Experts

  • New team-members



Financial services

Advice, support and a bank account

  • Budgets

  • Accounting

  • Bank accounts

  • Financial advice

  • Funding



Knowledge and tools

The way to by-pass obstacles

  • Tools for every obstacles

  • Dashboard to monitor progress

  • Learning sessions

  • Access to experts worldwide

  • Sharing is caring



We are located in Denmark, but right now without brick and mortar.
Phone: (+45) 24621433


24/7 – with some delayed replies from time to time.


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